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Holistic Approach


A Holistic Approach seeks to do this by getting all the issues and resources on the table at the start:- the desired change, the business case, the people who need to be involved, the possible technologies and methods of achieving the change, legislation, health & safety the environment, etc.

The Holistic Approach encompasses the changes and innovations in technology, procedures and culture hand in hand.

The balance between the changes required in the Technology and other elements depends on the organisation and the desired change but ignoring any element can be very costly in the long run, even if that element seems trivial at the time.

HFF offers knowledge of a range of technologies, the background science and a lot of experience devising solutions, generating ideas for products and processes and communicating these things.

You may well have all these skills in house but do you have the time to apply them while running the business?

Holistic Approach to Improvement


Technological Innovation can bring big benefits to your company whatever the size of the changes or the company. It can also bring big risks and costs if it is not implemented appropriately. More than 20 years in industry and business have shown me that considering all the angles is the key to success.

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Holistic Approach
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