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Howard F. Fortescue Ltd. is registered in England and Wales; Company No. 6237839.

About Howard Fortescue


He taught Maths and Physics in Scotland for a few years and then moved to the midlands to work in the Automotive industry and also gain a PhD from AstonUniversity.

Howard has worked in industry for more than 20 years in fields as varied as:- Fibre Optic product development to testing high quality metal components and Technology from:- Lasers to Waste water treatment.     

This long, varied and in depth experience has encompassed many successful projects in UK and worldwide. Howard was heavily involved in setting up of high tech facilities in factory sites in UK and continental Europe.

Howard started HFF Ltd. with a view to supporting Industry wherever required but particularly in Wales.

Dr. Howard Fortescue BSc. DipEd.

Technical & Management Consultant.


Dr. Howard Fortescue is the founder and Managing Director of HFF Ltd. which is based in South Wales.

Howard graduated in Physics from the Heriot  Watt   University in Edinburgh and then studied teaching and education at Moray  House  College and Edinburgh  University.


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