Howard F Fortescue Ltd. - Optical Disc
Specialsing in Optical Disc since before CD

Howard F. Fortescue Ltd. is registered in England and Wales; Company No. 6237839.

HFF has more than 25 years experience in the Optical Disc Industry.


If you want to improve something, HFF can help:

Mastering Yield

Electroforming Yield

Stamper Mounting Yield

Pit geometry Optimisation

Stamper and Disc Testing

Stamper cleaning and storage

Optical and Laser issues

In fact, for virtually anything technical or operational from Pre-Mastering to Printing HFF can give advice and support.



How do we do it?

We will use our Knowledge, Experience and our Network of Contacts and Experts.

We guarantee confidentiality and we sign up to Non Disclosure as appropriate.
If there is a solution, when we find it we discuss the costs (what it’s worth to you.).
If we don’t, it has cost you nothing other than an
email, a phone call or a meeting.


Any Problem is Our Opportunity.

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