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Howard F. Fortescue Ltd. is registered in England and Wales; Company No. 6237839.

HFF has more than 25 years experience in the Optical Disc Industry.

Useful Information

Blu-ray Article by Leslie Derrig of digital Matrix.

"Galvanics: the critical link to perfect Blu-ray


Calculaction and conversions:

1)   Cleanroom Class - not a mystery. (Why is it called Class 100?)

2)   Volume units (Why you could be paying 20% more than you think in Europe for chemicals from the US)

3)   Free Optical Disc Programme time & radius calculator.


Improving your Business:

1)   Send your problem - no obligation. Process problems and manufacturing issues.


These are some simple examples of things that might be good to know. If there is more you would like to know or something else in the production process you want to investigate, please Contact Us.

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